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You can enter a GeneID or a gene symbol in this box.

"Score Limit"

Clones and EST assemblies whose similarity to the specified gene is more than the entered score will be shown.

"Limit to most likely match"

If you do not check this box, all of the matched clones/assemblies will be shown in the list, but some of the shown clones/assemblies had a better match with another genic sequences. You can restrict the results to the most likely matched clones/assemblies of the specified gene by checking this box.

FL (full-length) cDNA

We roughly estimated the cDNA clones as encoding full-length CDSs if the length from the head to tail of all of the matches (BLAST score > 50) in the ORF of the cDNA clones were within the limit between 67% and 150% of the length of CDS of the matched reference gene. For the EST assemblies, we estimated the assemblies as encoding full-length CDSs if the length upstream of the matches (BLAST score > 50) in the assemblies were longer than the length between the start base of the CDSs and the matched region of the corresponding genes.