Supplementary Table 3

Confirmation of SNPs detected in the PEDE database by using data for eight other individuals. The SNPs in this table occurred specifically between the Meishan (oriental) breed and the western breeds in the database.

LWD, (Landrace x Large White) x Duroc
aThe Meishan pig used for the confirmation of the SNPs was a different individual from those that provided tissues to construct the cDNA libraries.
Assembly Locus Location of SNP In PEDE Database In other individuals
LWD Meishan Western Breeds Oriental Breeds Other
Landrace Large White Berkshire Duroc Meishana Jinhua Wild Boar Goettingen Miniature
20030531C-000104 RODH 305 C G C C C C G G C G
443 A G A A A/G A G G A G
20030531C-000169 CIRBP 336 G C G G G G C C C C
20030531C-000211 APOH 208 T C T C/T T T C C C C
20030531C-000394 LAP3 160 A G G G G G G G G G
166 G A G G G G A A A A
20030531C-000510 PLOD 426 G A G G G G A/G A/G G G
20030531C-003018 GJB1 332 A C A A A A C C A C
542 C T C C C C T T C T
602 C T C C C C T T C T
20030531C-003267 C1orf24 809 C T C/T C C/T C C/T C C T
951 T G T T T T G/T T T G
1228 A G A A A A G G A G
20030531C-003380 GSTO1 291 A G A/G A A A G G A G
313 G C G G G G G G G G